Tatton Park, first thoughts were wow this is a beautiful place to be showcasing our planters, as we drive past a herd of deer roaming the grounds! Slightly different to Brum’s NEC I think you’d agree. Second thought was, right this is not our Brum’s NEC, this is a whole new place away from home. Oh gosh, what if people here don’t like our planters….bring on the anxious, nervous excited feelings again!  Maybe tradeshows for me/us are going to be the equivalent of how Rock Stars get nervous when performing to large audiences?! Or maybe not.

RHS Tatton Park just felt lovely, it was nice to be in a field as opposed to the concrete grounds of the NEC. We had a good spot next to the beautiful Ferris wheel – if you haven’t been to an RHS Flower show there are, of course, beautiful flowers everywhere! Even a few of the carriages of the Ferris wheel were decorated with huge flower displays that looked truly stunning. We knew when applying for a trade stand that we would have to make use of flowers, easily done really considering we are selling planters, however being our first time to an RHS Show, we soon realised we could do with even more….thankfully we found our show friend Mark, who I mentioned in the first blog, he very kindly gave us some of his flowers to use.

We set up on the Monday, which in hind sight there was no need for us to do this, we were done by 2pm and it was another night in a hotel which was not needed, but we were still new to this and of course there are going to be things you learn along the way, as with anything in life. Tuesday was press day, we dropped our press packs into the office and then took a wander around the site. It was a nice trade show busy, designers adding the final touches to their gorgeous gardens, mainly watering them! Exhibitors changing their stands around for the twentieth time….or was that just us, how many times can you swap heavy planters around? A lot! Although it felt as though we had wasted another day being on site we really hadn’t, this is the day we met Pip. Pip Probert is a wonderful Garden Designer who won Silver at RHS Tatton (and Malvern), she stopped to chat to us, as our striking planters had caught her eye. Thank you Pip for taking the time out of your day to speak with us and learn more about what we do and can do. If you want to see her beautiful garden designs her Facebook profile is here.

As you may notice, we have already added pieces to our product range. We listened to customer demands from BBC Gardeners World and introduced the Two Tier planter, if you are a little on the short side, as I am, the Two Tier planters are just that little easier to plant in the top level. We also bought along the single planter, you can have any text or logo you like on the front of these, or nothing if you’d prefer.

Every morning we started our day with a large coffee and a bacon bap – the hardest thing about exhibitions is resisting the yummy smelling bacon cooking when you arrive early. Every day on the drive in I would say, I’m not going to eat bacon today…..oh I’ll have a bacon bap and a coffee please! Damn it.

The Wednesday and Thursday were a little quieter for us, one being members day. Then Friday’s crowds arrived and Tatton Park turned out to be more successful than our first show. We were absolutely buzzing…and a little tired. Exhibitions are hard work and really cold. Even in July!

After doing two shows we have found out that the public don’t yet know they want a tiered planter, as they don’t yet know they exist and not everyone can afford or justify purchasing a high end product on the spot, but everyone starts to think about where they could have a planter, what they could grow, how much more they could grow, then people start to ask if we can do variations on our planters, can you do one that is deeper so I can start growing my avocado tree? Yes! Can you do one that could be higher off the ground so I don’t have to bend down? Yes! Could you do a rectangular one with ‘Flowers’ cut into it? Yes! If you can think it, we can do it. This soon became our motto. We like that it gets you thinking about your garden and how you could incorporate our planters to suit you and your home.

Back in the office, we were to await the release of application forms for 2016 RHS Show Circuit.

We are going to Chelsea Flower Show this year and we cannot wait! Are you planning on going? Are you visiting or trading? Are there any highlights that we should check out whilst working? I can’t wait to see the Queen….I hope we see the Queen. Let me know in the comments below.