I was going to follow on from our first blog, which you can read here, with our second exhibition and getting into the RHS show circuit at Tatton Hall, however I have been asked to blog about our ‘planters for schools’ ideas by the lovely Charlie Bloom – a multi award winning garden hermit don’t you know! Thank you Charlie for sharing our passion on this subject and for noticing our little company. If you’d like to know more about Charlie then you can ‘follow’ her here. By follow we mean you can catch up on what she is doing via her twitter feed, we are not giving you any info on how to stalk her!

I will start off by stating that I am certainly no expert on this subject and these are just our ideas. Please do feel free to comment below with any thoughts, whether you agree/disagree, or links with how we/you can help further. I am confident to say that as a society we all support the healthy school dinner campaigns, most of us are aware that obesity in children has drastically increased and I do know that there is more we can do to help and encourage healthy eating before the dinner hall! It starts with getting the youngsters into gardening and horticulture and this starts with making it fun, interesting and ‘cool’.

#growrev #planters4schools

Here at Amelie Design, we think that our planters would be ideal for schools. They are made in the UK meaning the children can help from the very beginning in the designing of their planters. They get to pick the font, what text goes on the front or maybe they would want a school logo, house group, form class or even a different language. They’d get to pick the colours and if the planters should be tiered to save space, single level squares or rectangles, if they should put hay under to make it a safe home for hedgehogs. If they can make it accessible for wheelchairs users (we can). The ideas are endless. We would also arrange updates of the manufacturing process, all this can done whilst the school plans and research’s what should be grown in their living gardens.

Clubs could be formed around ‘growing your own’, competitions could be ran between year groups or form classes, awarding effort with fun and time spent outside. Most of all the children will be interested in growing their own crops, they will want to learn how to grow their own crops and how to get their own produce, they will want to know that the dinner ladies or catering assistants (to be pc), have used the schools grown tomatoes in the pasta sauce or salads in their lunch that day! Maybe some of the produce can be sold at summer fates to help buy more seeds to continue growing, maybe parents and relatives could donate older garden tools to help with costs, living gardens can continue to grow without huge costs stapled to them.

Although the design element of the planters only really needs to be done once, the school can continue to grow and develop more horticultural ideas year after year. Our planters will not need to be replaced as they do not weather the same as wooden ones, they are sturdy and well-engineered.

I doubt there are many children reading this blog, so parents & teachers – do you think your children would enjoy these bright coloured planters or designing their own for their school? Do they already have a living garden? We think it’s important that the next generation understands how food can be grown and it doesn’t have to be boring and brown whilst doing so, as well as understanding its ok to have a burger every now and then…if it’s made with flavours from your herb planter and stacked with lettuce, tomatoes and onions from your vegetable planter, which they will know how to grow!

Thanks for reading,